Study Guide For Entries And Exits, Study Guide. Visits To 16 Trading Rooms

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These 101 questions, including twenty-five case studies, will challenge you to master the essential aspects of successful trading


A large number of those questions and the case histories in this Study Guide were contributed by the traders interviewed in Entries Exits, combining both books into a single, powerful tool for developing effective trading skills

Be sure to work through this companion volume to Entries Exits Visits to Sixteen Trading Rooms before you risk a dollar in the markets

Each of the seven chapters in this Study Guide for Entries Exits Organization, Psychology, Markets, Trading Tactics, Money Management Record-Keeping, Case Studies, and Traders Speak covers a major area of trading

Elder's Study Guide together with Entries Exits to learn how to make the most of market opportunities.

Every chapter includes a rating scale, allowing you to measure your competence level

Now, you can discover and fill dangerous gaps in your knowledge without risking any money

The comments in the back of the book provide detailed explanations of the right and wrong answers to the multiple-choice questions

Use Dr

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